Hearing Strange Car Noises?

October 9th, 2018 by

Madness due to broken car

When something goes wrong with your vehicle, one of the best ways to diagnose the problem is by listening. Strange car noises can point you in the right direction for repair. So, if you’re hearing a grinding sound when starting your car, or maybe clicking, squealing, thumping, or knocking, Jeffrey Nissan can help you figure things out.

When You Hear These Car Sounds…

  • Squealing – If you hear squealing when you brake, your brake pads might be worn out. If you hear a loud squeal after you shut off your engine, you might need a new engine belt.
  • Whining – A high-pitched whining sound could be coming from a worn gasket on the radiator pressure cap.
  • Tapping or Knocking – Tapping and knocking sounds could be minor issues, like carbon buildup or a loose rocker arm, but it could also be something serious, such as a faulty bearing or piston. It’s best to get your car serviced right away.
  • Pinging – Pinging or a light knocking sound may indicate that you’re using gasoline with the wrong octane rating.
  • Whistling – If you hear whistling under the hood, one of your hoses might have a vacuum leak. It you’re hearing whistling inside with your windows up, there could be a leak in the weatherstripping.
  • Ticking – A rhythmic ticking sound while your engine idles might mean that you need a valve adjustment. Try checking your oil level about ten minutes after running the engine to see if you have enough.
  • Clunking – Check your shocks and suspension if you hear a loud clunking noise when you go over bumps. You could also have a loose tailpipe or muffler.
  • Rumbling – A rumbling sound could mean you have an issue with your catalytic converter, muffler, or exhaust pipe, so you should have your vehicle evaluated immediately.
  • Rough Idling – Rough idling might indicate a cylinder compression problem, and an offbeat rhythm could mean your engine is misfiring and you need a spark plug repair.

Grinding Sound When Starting Car?

A grinding sound when you start your car could mean there’s a problem with the starter or oil isn’t circulating throughout the engine properly. Don’t wait to get your car serviced if that’s happening.

Let Jeffrey Nissan Listen

If you’re hearing strange car noises in Sterling Heights or Macomb, Jeffrey Nissan in Roseville can get to the bottom of the problem. From leaks to brakes, and engines to tires, Jeffrey Nissan’s expert service team is ready to help. Schedule an appointment online today!