Get Acquainted with the Town of Roseville, Michigan

If you haven’t been to Roseville, there’s no time like the present to experience this charming Michigan town. Roseville has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a tiny farming community in the 1800s, but it’s never forgotten its rich history. Get to know and love this quaint town like the locals do, and we’re sure you’ll be back for a second round! Remember to visit this page often for the latest Roseville happenings.

Origins of Roseville

Roseville wasn’t always the bustling town that you’ll see today. In fact, it wasn’t even known as Roseville originally! In 1837, the town was a prat of Orange Township and quickly built its name as “Erin” to reflect the growing Irish population. The name “Roseville” is owed to William Rose, the very first postmaster of the area. He established the Roseville Post Office as a tribute to his late father, a war hero named Denison Rose. Over time, the local infrastructure grew and brought with it a host of new residents. The wooden plank tollroad of 1846 was a major development, and you can view the original tollgate sign at the Roseville Public Library for a glimpse at history. Now, Roseville is home to nearly 50,000 happy residents who bring out the best in the local community every day.

Roseville Resources

Not quite sure where to go when you arrive in Roseville? The townspeople are always happy to help. We recommend stopping by one of these community hubs to get acquainted with the local scene:

  • The Roseville Public Library is not just a great place to relax with a good book, but it’s also a terrific resource for visitors. The helpful librarians are ready and willing to help you with directions, accommodations, and more.
  • The Roseville Historical & Genealogical Society is a wonderful spot to brush up on your history. From exhibits to live programs, you’re sure to learn something new.
  • The Recreational Authority of Roseville & Eastpointe is full of fun activities for the entire family, so it’s a fun spot to burn off a little energy after traveling.