Nissan Foreign Professional Finance Program

Jeffrey Nissan has an exceptional inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles at some of the most competitive prices in the area. We make the financing process as hassle-free as possible, and we welcome those who are new to the United States and are looking to secure a car loan. Our experts work with the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp to help you establish new credit. We only ask that you bring a few documents and identification items with you to our dealership—find out more details below.

Items to Bring

Establishing credit will help you buy a car and assist you when you need to show proof of your credit history. To get the process started, have these items with you.

  • It is important to bring your United States Social Security Card. If you do not have that, then it is suitable to bring a copy of the letter you received from the Social Security Administration that has your Social Security Number information.
  • Please also bring your passport with you.
  • We will also need to see a copy of your Visa that has the expiration date on it. In the copy, you can take out your image.
  • Talk to those you know that live here in the United States, and bring us their contact information. We request three personal references we can speak with.
  • We will go over your monthly car payments, and we have to make sure that it will not go further than 25% of what you make before taxes.
  • Additionally, we will need to see if your income before taxes and deduction are higher than $75,000 per year.
  • Be sure to bring along proof of where you live. Typically, we take a common utility bill that will have your address on it. We also have to verify your phone number, and a bill will suffice.
  • Ask your employer to give you a letter that states when you began you position, the date you were hired, how much you earn, and how you long have been in the United States.

New Credit Starts at Jeffrey Nissan

Our experts are on standby to help you establish credit and drive home with the vehicle of your dreams from Jeffrey Nissan. If you have any questions before coming to our dealership, then contact us online. Come in and find a Nissan model that you’ll love at a great price.