OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

February 12th, 2018 by

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OEM vs. aftermarket parts? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, so OEM parts are sold by auto dealers, and they’re exactly the same as what was originally used in your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are produced by other companies, and they’re sold at auto parts stores and independent auto shops. Which is the better option? Read on to find out.

OEM Parts

There are many advantages to choosing OEM parts for your car: they’re easy to find, and you’re assured of the quality since parts are backed by the manufacturer and guaranteed with a warranty. While OEM parts are typically more expensive than an aftermarket part, the rule of thumb goes, you get what you pay for.

Aftermarket Parts

The biggest reason aftermarket parts are tempting is because they’re less expensive. Finding the right one can be overwhelming, though. There are countless brands, model numbers, and options, so it can be difficult to choose. Also, there’s no guarantee of quality or warranty protection.

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